Why backloading is the right choice for your next move

16 December 2019
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Moving home is an expensive time, and most homeowners are keen to make the move for the lowest possible cost. Often one of the most expensive parts of the moving process is shipping your goods from one location to the next. The traditional way of achieving this is by hiring a van or a truck to move everything for you, but is there a cheaper alternative? Take advantage of spare capacity Read More 

Two common problems that arise when people move house that a self-storage facility can solve

20 September 2019
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There are some problems that people tend to experience more often than others when they move house. In some cases, these issues can be solved or eased if these people rent units at self-storage facilities. Below are some examples of the moving-related scenarios that you might experience, which may call for the rental of a storage unit. The specialist storage products you ordered for your new home are not going to arrive when they were supposed to Read More 

How to Deal With an Overstuffed Sofa When It’s Time to Move House

19 July 2019
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When you're furnishing your home, comfort must be a top priority. You will need to bring in furniture that will allow you and your family to relax, watch the latest blockbuster on the television and forget all of your worries. No surprise, therefore, that you spent quite a lot of your hard-earned cash on an oversized sofa, complete with a recliner, and that this takes pride of place. Still, you may be thinking twice about this purchase at the moment as you've got to move all of your belongings halfway across the country to a new home. Read More 

4 Top Factors That Will Influence The Cost of Removal Service

27 January 2019
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Moving house is a very involving process that can get very overwhelming, very fast. Engaging the services of professional removalists will make a world of difference by ensuring that everything runs smoothly.  How much you pay for the invaluable services that removalists provide will depend on several factors as highlighted. 1. The Volume Of Your Belongings The bigger your move, the more you can expect to pay your removalists. The volume of your belongings will determine how many moving vehicles your removalists will need, which will, in turn, influence the final cost. Read More