How to Deal With an Overstuffed Sofa When It's Time to Move House

19 July 2019
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When you're furnishing your home, comfort must be a top priority. You will need to bring in furniture that will allow you and your family to relax, watch the latest blockbuster on the television and forget all of your worries. No surprise, therefore, that you spent quite a lot of your hard-earned cash on an oversized sofa, complete with a recliner, and that this takes pride of place. Still, you may be thinking twice about this purchase at the moment as you've got to move all of your belongings halfway across the country to a new home. How are you going to get that sofa onto a moving truck on the big day?

Crafting a Plan

It's a good idea to have a plan for this situation. You are likely to be under a lot of pressure on moving day and the less uncertainty, the better. Start by taking a close look at the item of furniture in question to see if it can be dismantled at all. For example, it might be possible to remove the recliner element, as this is particularly heavy by itself. The arms may be separate from the rest of the frame, and with a bit of investigation, you might find screws or other attachments that can be removed, to make the job a lot easier. If you can remove the legs, this will definitely help when you're trying to squeeze it through a smaller space.

As if by Magic

You will need to stand the sofa up on its end, of course, before going through the door. At first glance, it might look as if this is mission impossible, but you should turn the sofa at 45° to the door frame so that it forms the shape of a "V." Now, you can carefully fold or turn it around the edge of the door frame and, as if by magic, you will be through.

By the way, always try to use a dolly to move large and bulky items like this and moving straps may help as well.

The Best Approach

Of course, you may have had to rely on professionals to deliver the sofa to your living room in the first place, and you should probably let some more professionals take it out. Talk with your removalists, and they will be able to handle your sofa and all your other possessions carefully so that you get everything to your destination without any drama.

To learn more, contact your local furniture removalist company today.