4 Top Factors That Will Influence The Cost of Removal Service

27 January 2019
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Moving house is a very involving process that can get very overwhelming, very fast. Engaging the services of professional removalists will make a world of difference by ensuring that everything runs smoothly. 

How much you pay for the invaluable services that removalists provide will depend on several factors as highlighted.

1. The Volume Of Your Belongings

The bigger your move, the more you can expect to pay your removalists. The volume of your belongings will determine how many moving vehicles your removalists will need, which will, in turn, influence the final cost.

More belongings also mean that the moving crew will spend a lot more time helping you with the move, and they will have to be compensated accordingly for their time. Most removalists will charge on a per-hour basis.

2. The Distance Travelled

Fuel costs will affect your final quote, and that is why removalists will charge different rates, depending on how much distance the move involves. The rates for moving within the state cannot by any means, compare to those of long-distance, interstate removals.

Apart from the fuel costs, longer travel distances may also mean that the moving crew will have to work beyond the regular working hours, which will justify the payment of the higher overtime rates.

3. Additional Services

Will you require other services such as delivery of packing materials and packing before the actual move? Will you need help with the move out cleaning once everything is cleared from your property? Do you need temporary storage for some or all of your belongings?

These additional services that make the moving process all the smoother will cost you a little more. When booking your removal service, you can inquire about the additional services that the removalists offer and how much they charge for each of these services.

4. Time And Date Of The Move

As with everything, timing is everything when it comes to moving house. If for whatever reason, you are looking to have the removalists come in after their normal working hours, such as evenings and weekends, then you should expect to pay more for their service.

You may also end up paying a little more if you schedule your move for periods when the removalists are at their busiest, such as at the end of the month.

A professional removalists company will take these and other factors into careful consideration when preparing a quote for you. You should not hesitate about asking any questions you may have about how the company arrived at their final price.