Moving Office? Why Work With a Professional Service for Your Furniture Removals

27 December 2021
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When relocating to a newer office, there are numerous things every business owner must consider for a stress-free experience. You must thoroughly plan and prepare for furniture packing and other logistical requirements. If you want to have a smooth process, enlisting reputable furniture removalists can make your moving process less complicated than doing it alone. Check out some of the advantages you can benefit from by working with a professional furniture removal company. Read More 

A Few Tips On How To Choose A Storage Unit For Your Company

5 October 2021
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Rent or lease charges are one of the highest costs of running your business. More often than not, companies will move into larger premises as they increase their operations. A closer assessment of your business premises will reveal that old documents, furniture, and inventory occupy a large amount of office space. Well, you do not have to move your office due to these items. Hiring a storage unit is a cost-effective and convenient way to store these items. Read More 

3 Ways You Can Benefit From Restumping Your House

23 July 2021
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Restumping is the process of levelling your home's foundation by replacing the existing old or damaged stumps. If you live in a house built on stumps, then you should understand that moisture is the most damaging element for these stumps. Though the stumps are durable, they will begin deteriorating when exposed to moisture or pests for a long time. For this reason, it is advisable to carry out continuous maintenance of your stumps and replace them on time. Read More 

Two tips to follow if you help the removals team you’ve hired

19 May 2021
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If you need some a removalist to help you move certain items, but you'd like to be involved in the work, here are some tips to follow. Put the items you want to carry in a separate pile If you only want the removals team to move specific items (for example, your heavy book collection and bulky gardening equipment), then you should put the things you'd prefer to carry and load yourself into a separate pile from these. Read More 

Two Ways To Help Your Low-Income Friend Who Is Moving

9 March 2021
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Moving can be especially difficult for those on low incomes, as there seems to be an endless series of costs tied to this process. If your friend is cash-poor and has to move, here are a couple of ways you could help them. Arrange a new furniture delivery for them One of the problems many cash-poor people face when moving is that by the time they've paid all of the expenses that come with buying or renting somewhere new and have paid for their removalist, they often find themselves without enough money to buy the essential furniture they need for their new home. Read More