Why backloading is the right choice for your next move

16 December 2019
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Moving home is an expensive time, and most homeowners are keen to make the move for the lowest possible cost. Often one of the most expensive parts of the moving process is shipping your goods from one location to the next. The traditional way of achieving this is by hiring a van or a truck to move everything for you, but is there a cheaper alternative?

Take advantage of spare capacity

Backloading is a well-established procedure among interstate removal companies. In essence, it simply involves filling up the excess capacity that exists in trucks that are already travelling to your destination. Maybe a truck is travelling along that route and it is only half full? Perhaps there is a truck travelling along that route which is already empty after delivering its load somewhere else? There are many reasons that excess capacity exists, and backloading allows you to access that capacity for a fraction of the cost involved in hiring a truck yourself. As long as you are prepared to be flexible with your dates when booking a backload, it's usually not hard to find a truck going your way. Here are three other advantages that you can enjoy when you arrange for backloading services:

1 Pay for what you use

When you hire a truck then you must pay for the cost of the whole truck even if you only need part of the space. With backloading, you will only be required to pay for space you actually use. If you do discover that you need more space than is available on one truck then most companies that arrange backloading will be able to split your load across several trucks.

2 A safe efficient delivery

While backloading involves using up extra space, it is important to understand that you will not just be cramming your valued possessions into any available crevice and risking them becoming damaged or destroyed by the movement of other items. When you book backloading through a reputable company, you should expect that they will value your property just as you do. Ask them what procedures they have in place to make certain that your property is tracked and will arrive at the destination safely.

3 Reduce your carbon footprint

Instead of booking a truck which will run just for your property, you will be sharing the use of truck which is already on the road. By helping to cut down on the number of trucks in service you can be confident that fewer fossil fuels are being used and that you are helping to minimise your impact on the environment.

Learn more about backloading from companies that provide it.