Two common misconceptions people have about furniture removal services

21 August 2023
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Here are two common misconceptions people tend to have about businesses that specialise in furniture removals.

Furniture removalists can't move a person's furniture any faster or more efficiently than they could themselves

One misconception that can cause people not to use this service is that a removalist wouldn't be able to move their furniture any quicker than they could themselves. In truth, furniture removal specialists can do this work much faster than the average person. One reason for this is that removalists plan every stage of a furniture removal job very carefully. They'll measure every narrow space they need to carry the client's furniture through (such as small hallways, staircases, etc.) and decide in advance how they'll tackle these trickier parts of the transportation process.

For example, after taking these types of measurements, they might decide to dismantle a long dining table before moving it. This means that when they encounter these narrow spaces, they won't have to stop and spend time devising a method of squeezing the furniture past these areas. In contrast, an inexperienced person who decides to move their own furniture might not anticipate these issues and so their transportation of their items might be delayed by having to come up with solutions to these issues as and when they encounter them.

Furthermore, removalists have commercial-grade ramps, dollies and lifting straps that allow them to pick up and carry heavy furniture far more quickly than a person who doesn't have these items could. This also contributes to these professionals' ability to move their clients' furniture in the most efficient way.

It's much cheaper for a person to move their furniture themselves

Another misconception is that it's far less expensive for a person to move their furniture themselves than to hire removalists to do this for them. In reality, in most instances, it works out to be more affordable overall (not to mention much less stressful) for a person to book removalists for this task.

The reason for this is that without an experienced team of strong, experienced and capable removalists, as well as the above-mentioned lifting equipment, the risk of a person's furniture getting broken or damaged due to being dropped or knocked into a wall or door will be high. If a person has to replace, for example, two valuable pieces of furniture due to damaging them during their move, then their DIY approach could turn out to be more costly than using a removalist's services.

Additionally, as explained above, removalists are skilled at quickly transporting furniture.  If a person has to book, for example, three days off work so they can move their own furniture, this could cost them a lot more than the price of hiring a removalist for one day, and only having to take, for example, the morning off work to supervise the move.

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