What's the Best Way to Move a Large Sofa Down a Narrow Stairwell?

28 March 2023
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Moving is an arduous task, especially when it comes to large furniture. Many homes have narrow staircases and hallways, making moving furniture even more challenging. One of the most difficult items to manoeuvre down a tight staircase is a large sofa, which can be awkward and unwieldy. What tips should you consider if you want to get your large sofa safely down the stairs without damaging it or your home?

Measure Before You Move

Before you attempt to move a large sofa down the stairs, it's important to measure the space you'll be working with. Measure each step as well as any doorway openings throughout your home that the sofa will need to pass through in order to get to its final destination. This will give you an idea of how much room you have to work with so that you can plan accordingly. If necessary, consider removing doors or other obstacles if the sofa won't fit through normal doorways or stairwells.

Gather Helpers

Moving furniture is no small task, let alone something as bulky as a large sofa. Gather some helpers who can assist in lifting and carrying the couch down the stairs. It's also important that all participants use proper lifting techniques and wear appropriate safety gear, such as gloves and back braces if needed. An extra may also be useful for spotting from below and guiding the couch safely past any corners or tight spots along its path.

Use Sliders

For added protection against scratches, tears and dents on both your walls and furniture, invest in some furniture sliders before attempting this task. These devices are designed specifically for moving heavy items like sofas. They help reduce friction during movement by providing extra padding between the item being moved and whatever surface it is resting on top of (i.e., carpeted steps). Additionally, sliders come in various sizes, so make sure you purchase ones that will fit comfortably under your particular couch model before beginning your descent down the stairs.

The Takeaway

Moving large furniture such as sofas down narrow staircases can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be impossible. You can certainly prepare well and use the proper precautions to try and achieve your objective without any hurt or damage. However, many people in your situation will turn to the experts instead. Remember, experienced furniture movers know all the tips and tricks and can probably move that sofa down those stairs in record time. So, don't risk any injuries or upsets, but bring in the experts instead. 

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