Two common problems that arise when people move house that a self-storage facility can solve

20 September 2019
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There are some problems that people tend to experience more often than others when they move house. In some cases, these issues can be solved or eased if these people rent units at self-storage facilities. Below are some examples of the moving-related scenarios that you might experience, which may call for the rental of a storage unit.

The specialist storage products you ordered for your new home are not going to arrive when they were supposed to

If in anticipation of the house move, you ordered some specialist storage products for specific belongings, but you have since been informed that they won't be delivered until weeks after you have moved, then a self-storage business might be able to help you. For example, if you ordered an extra-large garden shed for the new property, because you need somewhere to put your sizeable collection of gardening equipment and your ride-on lawnmower, but the shed's arrival is going to be delayed, you could put these things into a local storage unit.

This would spare you the potential pitfalls of trying to store items that are specifically made for outdoor use in an indoor setting. For example, parking a ride-on lawnmower inside your home could damage the carpets (due to the lawnmower's weight and the fact that it might leak fuel onto the floor). Likewise, stowing hedge shears, pruning saws and axes indoors might create a hazardous home environment that may result in one or more of the people in your new property getting injured, whilst you are all in the midst of trying to unpack and settle in.

You need somewhere to store moisture-sensitive goods after finding damp in your new home just after moving in

If just after moving into the house, you find that it has quite a serious damp problem that will probably take some time to be resolved, then you will need to put any valuable goods that you brought with you, which are likely to be damaged by the high moisture levels in the property, into a self-storage unit.

Some examples of the kind of things that may need to be stored whilst you're trying to eradicate the dampness include artistic paintings (unstable humidity levels that range from moderate to very high may cause the canvases to warp, and the paint on them to then lift away and fall off as a result of the warped surface) and collections of high-end vintage watches (moisture could break them if they are not waterproof).

A storage unit is the best place for these items in these circumstances, as it will have a climate-control system installed that will allow you to control how humid (as well as how hot or cold) it gets in the unit. This will ensure that these items remain unaffected by moisture whilst you are working on drying out your new home.