A Few Tips On How To Choose A Storage Unit For Your Company

5 October 2021
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Rent or lease charges are one of the highest costs of running your business. More often than not, companies will move into larger premises as they increase their operations. A closer assessment of your business premises will reveal that old documents, furniture, and inventory occupy a large amount of office space. Well, you do not have to move your office due to these items. Hiring a storage unit is a cost-effective and convenient way to store these items. So, what considerations should you make when hiring a storage unit for your business? Below are some vital tips. 


The storage unit should be as close as possible to your premises. It prevents you from wasting time and money as you deliver or pick things from the unit. However, you will need to conduct some due diligence before taking your items to the unit. For example, checking the company's reputation will help prevent disappointments once you move your items into the unit. Additionally, you must examine the storage unit to ensure that it is of a suitable size and that it does not have physical defects that could let in dust and pests. 

Availability Of Full-Service Storage

Supposing your office is located on the twentieth floor of a skyscraper within a busy street, your employees would take a lot of time to retrieve things from the unit. This is where full-service storage comes into play. The service authorises the storage company to store your items on your behalf. Once you need an item in storage, the company will send it to your premises within a few hours. 

The Need For On-Site Storage

If your business is located in an expansive plot, you do not need offsite storage. Some storage companies can deliver a storage unit to your premises. Although on-site storage could be a bit expensive, its benefits outweigh those of offsite storage. Other than the convenience of storing and retrieving your items with ease, the unit could be used for a wide array of purposes. For example, it could serve as a modular office when renovating your office space or when you have part-time employees at your premises. Besides, it could also be used as a retail space when you have items on offer. 

Company Policy

Although the storage unit might be appealing to the eye, you should not rush to store your items before reading the storage contract. For example, you should insist on a discount or ask for free services when signing a long-term contract. Additionally, check the company's insurance and security policies. 

When choosing business storage, consider accessibility, availability of full-service storage, the need for on-site storage, and the company policy.