Two Ways To Help Your Low-Income Friend Who Is Moving

9 March 2021
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Moving can be especially difficult for those on low incomes, as there seems to be an endless series of costs tied to this process. If your friend is cash-poor and has to move, here are a couple of ways you could help them.

Arrange a new furniture delivery for them

One of the problems many cash-poor people face when moving is that by the time they've paid all of the expenses that come with buying or renting somewhere new and have paid for their removalist, they often find themselves without enough money to buy the essential furniture they need for their new home.

If your friend is in this position and you suspect they'll end up using a collection of makeshift 'furniture' (such as using things like wooden crates and storage boxes as 'tables') and secondhand deck chairs for several months after they move, you should consider arranging for some new furniture to be delivered to them. If you pick the right items, this will be a lovely surprise and a big relief for this individual. To ensure you get the items that they'll like, you should scope out their social media pages for any home-inspiration images they've reposted and take a look at their wishlists on their favourite shopping sites; you can then pick out these exact pieces or pick ones that are very similar.

Try not to have the furniture delivered to their old address before their move, as doing this will just give them extra heavy things they'll have to lug around and might even lead to them having to pay their removalist more, to transport these additional things. Equally, it's best not to get it delivered at a time before their removalist will have arrived with their own items, as this might result in the furniture being left outdoors at the new property, unsecured until your friend and the removalist get there.

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Send them a box of treats

Your friend might have to do without a lot of items for a while after their move and might need to live on beans and toast, and to do without their usual little luxuries, until they next get paid. In this situation, you should send them a box of treats that will last them for a few weeks. If for example, the furniture you had delivered is wooden, you could include a bottle of beautiful-smelling, fancy furniture polish so they can polish these pieces to a shine.

If their new property has a bathtub, you could also give them some bath salts and some luxury candles so they can enjoy soothing candlelit baths. You could also put in a few food treats, like their favourite chocolates, some jams and chutneys and a collection of nice cheeses and crackers.