Insurance and Certification and Why It Is Important for Removalists

14 April 2022
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Planning for your move means taking several steps to ensure the move goes smoothly. For example, you will need to make sure the electricity and other daily needs are met. You will also need to make sure you find the right removalists for the move. One of the key things you need to look for with a home removalist company deals with insurance and certifications. Here are a few of those components and what you need to know about them before hiring a removalist.

AFRA Certification

The AFRA certification is something you may notice on several removalists service sites. This refers to certification with the Australian Furniture Removalist Association. This type of certification can tell you several key points about the removalist company. For example, AFRA will only grant certifications if the company has the right tools. This means their tools, equipment, and their removalists are all safe and ready to move your items. This certification also shows that the removalists have had the proper training in the moving service industry. 

Public Liability Insurance

When you consider insurance, you likely think of the insurance available to customers. There is usually an amount of coverage available if your items should be damaged during the removal process or in shipping. However, it is not the only type of insurance to consider. Your removalist should have public liability insurance. This allows you to remain protected against loss or damages from the start of the move to the end of the move. This insurance should be readily available or mentioned in your removal paperwork. 

Transit Insurance

Most removalists will have a transit insurance policy. This is usually part of the public liability insurance policy. The transit insurance helps to insure your items while they are being transported. This can cover if the removalists are in a vehicle accident or if some kind of damage occurs while the items are on the road and in travel. You may also find that this insurance is a separate policy. If you are concerned that your removalist company has this insurance, ask them if you can view the policy number or proof of policy. 

These are just a few of the key points you need to know about insurance and certification and why it is important your home removals service should have them. When you are ready to hire your home removalist, contact your area service providers. They can help with the estimates for the move and with questions you have about supplies and if they can meet your removal deadline requirements.