Will Your Belongings Be Secure in a Self Storage Unit?

21 December 2020
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Every person or company that desires to rent a self-storage unit always considers the cost they will incur throughout the storage period. Fortunately, it's not challenging to get an affordable option, especially if you need long-term service. You only need to search for various facilities, compare their rates, and make a choice. Nonetheless, the self-storage unit you choose should be secure.

Knowing the essential tips you need to consider to find a place to store your stuff. Here are the top things you do to secure your items in a self-storage unit.

1. Determine if the facility is well-secured

One of the things self-storage companies do to secure the entire facility is to install a digital surveillance system. This system records all the activities that occur in the facility 24/7. So, confirm if the company you want to choose has this system.

Another security measure a good company will have is a password protected access gate. This makes it difficult for unauthorised people or burglars to access the unit. An alarm system will come in handy as it will alert the guards and security firm that some intruders are trying to break in. Finally, the facility should have a perimeter wall and a staffed gate.

2. Buy a quality lock

Even if you have found a well-secured unit, you will still need to lock your unit to keep your belongings safe, so get a good lock. Ideally, the lock is meant to prevent a quick, unplanned theft, so when the intruders or burglars get to your unit, they won't access your belongings easily. However, don't just buy the first ordinary lock you find.

You are required to look for a lock that is resistant to tampering and bolt cutters. People leave such locks alone when they realise that it won't be easy to break or crack them open. Also, it's better to buy a cylinder or disc lock than those with extended shackles.

3. Keep the keys and access code private a secret

The self-storage facility will provide an access code that you will need to use to access your unit. This code should never be shared with untrustworthy people. Usually, theft happens close to home. The locks keys shouldn't also be shared with anyone. Finally, don't tell everyone in your circles what you are keeping in the unit or the facility's name unless it's a person who is dear to you.