3 Tips To Remove Overwhelming Feelings When Moving House

5 December 2018
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Moving house is never a fun task, and it seems the older you get, the more possessions you acquire in your home. These possessions equate to a mountain of belongings which need to be carefully sorted and packed ready to be shifted to your next dwelling. As someone who has not had to move for the past decade, you are feeling overwhelmed about where to start with the moving process. Here are three tips to help reduce the overwhelming feelings you are experiencing, so that you can confidently tackle the task in front of you.

1. Throw It Instead Of Packing It

Moving house is the ultimate excuse to sort out the belongings you don't use any more. From outdated clothing to old linen, non-working appliances to excess tools, this is the time when you can legitimately go through every old toy and well-used storage container to discard the stuff you don't need or use anymore. This is the perfect time to be brutal because if you pack it up, then you are going to have to find a spot for it in your new home. If you don't need it, get rid of it now.

2. Pick A Room

Packing up a large house is certainly an overwhelming prospect, so pick one room instead and get that done first. You can sort, discard and pack up the one room in a couple of days. Choose a spare room or an office which is not used daily so that you are not disturbed while you pack up. Once the first room is done, you'll feel invigorated to tackle the next room. One room at a time is the only mantra you need to follow.

3. Get Help From Your Mover

Your household removalist company is more than just a truck which turns up on the day of the move. You can purchase packing supplies such as tape, boxes, bubble wrap and paper from them. If you are short on time and very overwhelmed with packing, they will pack your home's belongings for you as an extra service to the transportation they provide. Get a quote on how much it would cost to use this service if you do not want to deal with the packing yourself.

Don't let moving house overwhelm you. Instead, look for ways to make the process easier and more streamlined, so that you can get on with the job in front of you. The sooner you pack and move, the sooner you can unpack and enjoy your new surroundings.