Storing The Telly: Dos and Don'ts Of Packing Your TV For The Storage Shed

21 March 2018
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Putting your belongings into storage when you are between an old and new home takes careful planning. Specific items must be packed very carefully if you want to avoid damage to them while they are in the storage shed. The family television is one such item that you want to take special care with. A television is not an inexpensive item to replace, so now that you are ready to pack up your TV, follow these tips to ensure it comes out of the storage shed ready to entertain you once more.

Clean before boxing up

The back of the television is one place where dust loves to accumulate, and television owners often don't realise how much has built up until they move the TV off its stand. Don't pack the television away without clearing away the dust first. Excess dust can fall into the air vents, and this dust can damage the electronics inside while it sits there. 

There are two easy ways to clean away the dust. One is to use a soft, slightly damp cloth to wipe it away. The dampness helps to hold the dust onto the cloth, so the debris does not fall into the vents. The second option is to use the small brush attachment on your vacuum. This method traps any flying debris before it enters the air vents.

After you have removed all of the dust, then you can pack the television into its storage box.

Use the original box

Some people keep the original box that the television came in, and if you still have it, then this is the box you want to use. It is the perfect fit, and it has the styrofoam edges you can use to protect the TV corners.

If you do not have the original box, contact your storage shed provider to see if they have any for sale. While you could wrap your TV in a blanket, it is not the ideal solution as your television is fragile. If any other items in the shed fall against the television screen, it can be permanently damaged.

Finally, when you do pack the television box into the storage shed, make sure it is stored upright. As mentioned above, the TV screen is a fragile item, and lying the TV down on its screen leads to potential cracks or breakage. Screen damage means an unwatchable picture when it is time to use your television again, and that is unlikely to please anyone in the family