Self Storage: The Best Way to Store Delicate Antique Furniture

12 February 2018
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Much like the items themselves, antique furniture storage can be an art form. In addition to the sentimental value, antique furniture items can also have a significant cash value. This is why the utmost of care is required in order to keep them safe during their time in storage. So what is the best way to store antique furniture at a furniture storage facility?

Choosing a Storage Facility

Particularly delicate items (namely furniture made from wood that can be sensitive to changes in the temperature) should be stored in a climate-controlled environment to ensure their longevity. Consider the security arrangements for the facility when the items are extremely valuable. Will security personnel be on the premises at all times? Are there CCTV cameras? Valuable items should also be insured. Is an extension or amendment to your existing insurance policy able to offer sufficient coverage? If not, enquire with the storage facility. They might be able to offer their own policy underwritten by a major provider.

Preparing the Items

The items need to be covered in an appropriate protective material. Bubble wrap can be helpful, but this has the potential to buff away delicate varnish. A cloth covering (wrapping the items in old clothing or bedding and holding the wrapping in place with twine) can be a more gentle option. Plastic drop sheets should also be placed over the items to protect them from dust and the unlikely event of exposure to moisture. A plastic rubbish bag could be used to enclose smaller items. You should also find some type of elevated platform to place inside the unit, such as a wooden pallet. The antique furniture can be placed upon this platform, protecting it from direct contact with the ground for added protection.

Moving the Items

The accessibility of the actual storage unit needs to be taken into consideration. Will you be able to easily move the items from the truck or van into the unit without bumping or scraping them? This is something to think about even when the items have been given the necessary protective materials for storage. If you cannot easily place the items inside the unit, then you might need to choose a different storage unit within the facility. For larger, heavier pieces of antique furniture, consider using a professional removals company to make the actual transfer.

There is a certain amount of extra effort required when placing antique furniture in a self-storage facility. You will be glad you made the time when the items emerge from storage in as good a condition as when they went inside.