3 Important Tips for Senior Citizens Moving to a Smaller Home

16 November 2017
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If you're a senior citizen who has made the decision that you'll be better off in a smaller living space, then it's time to get ready for moving day. All the basics of moving are essentially the same, regardless of your age, and yet there are a few things that are specific to moving to a smaller space, particularly if you have any health issues that make it difficult for you to do the work yourself. So what are some of the things you need to consider?

1. What Will Stay, What Will Go

Will all your furniture and possessions fit into the new home? This is unlikely to be the case if you're downsizing. Allow yourself plenty of time to go through essentially everything in your home. This can be a time-consuming job, particularly when many of the items have sentimental value and you really can't decide. Ask a friend or family member for assistance if you think a second opinion will be helpful (and you might want their help when it comes to packing too). Any unwanted possessions can be sold or donated to your favourite charity. The additional income from the sale would of course be fantastic, and yet donating to charity is usually quicker and easier since they can come and collect everything at once.

2. The Final Placement

When your furniture removals company is in the process of unloading your furniture, you should ensure that you approve the placement of all the furniture in each room. This saves you trying to rearrange heavy items at a later stage. It's not as though this creates a huge amount of extra work for the company, but it can potentially make things much easier for you when it comes to enjoying your new home.

3. Assistance With Unpacking

Naturally, being able to enjoy your new home as quickly as possible is important. If you have any mobility issues that make unpacking more of a chore than it usually is, consider utilising the services of a professional unpacking company. Ask your furniture removals company if they offer such a service. Once everything has been unloaded, the unpacking team swings into action. This service makes sure that everything is unpacked quickly and put away in a location of your choosing (that you're easily able to reach).

Moving to a smaller home can be a decision that makes life easier, and the move itself doesn't have to be a bother with just a little bit of planning and a helping hand.