How to Pack a Motorcycle for a Long Distance Move

4 August 2017
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Moving your motorcycle over a long distance whilst keeping it scratch-free and preferably in one piece is not as difficult as you might first think. All it takes is a little preparation beforehand. If you plan to move a motorcycle along with your other household items in the near future, make sure to do the following things before your removal men arrive to get the ball rolling:

Inform the Moving Company in Advance

Most removalists will be willing to move your motorcycle to the back of the moving truck. However, inform them well in advance so that they can make the necessary arrangements. A bigger truck may be necessary.

Drain Your Motorcycle before Transit

Although your moving company will have ways of securely storing your motorcycle so that it doesn't fall during transit, drain all liquids from your bike, including the oil if possible. This ensures that should it fall, there will be no spillage in the moving truck.

Enquire about Crating the Motorcycle

Some removalists will place your motorcycle into a crate for the move. This ensures that the bike remains stable and is safe from falling items. However, not all moving companies provide this service.

Pack Your Motorcycle Securely

If your moving company doesn't offer a crating service, then you'll need to be ready to pack your motorcycle alongside your other possessions. With the help of one of the removalists, push your bike up the ramp to the truck, making sure there is enough clearance at the top. Make sure the front wheel is against a solid surface, such as the front wall of the truck. This will allow you to employ some ratcheting tie-downs to fully engage the suspension. Compressing the suspension like this ensures that the bike remains firmly locked into position during transit.

Make sure you also use some ratcheting tie-downs to secure the bike. Finally, ensure that the wheels are supported at the sides. You can do this by using mattresses and bags of blankets and clothes etc to ensure the bike is held firmly in place. Also, bear in mind that your other household items should be securely tied down to prevent them from falling on your motorcycle during the move.

While most people would prefer to do the journey actually riding their motorcycle to their new home if you are travelling hundreds miles cross country, hiring a reputable moving company to move your bike safely and securely is probably your best bet.