Essential Packing Supplies When Relocating

28 May 2017
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When planning a move, most people will ensure that they have an adequate amount of boxes to pack their belongings in. However, boxes are not the only packing supplies that you would need during your move. There is a range of other supplies that would not only ensure that your belongings are secure but would also make it easier for you to organise yourself. Read on for the additional packing supplies that would be essential when relocating:

Packing paper

In years past, newspapers were a staple supply when packing up or a move. However, in this digital age, you will find that a large number of households do not buy newspapers anymore as they get their information online. As a result, you may be preparing for your relocation and realise you have no newspapers in your home! A great alternative to newspapers would be purchasing packing paper. This paper can be used to wrap breakables such as vases, glasses, crockery and more before they are put in boxes. Moreover, the packing paper can be crumpled up to provide additional cushioning in the boxes, which reduces the risk of damage to your items.

Industrial plastic wrap

The industrial plastic wrap looks similar to your regular kitchen wrapping paper with the main different being that the industrial wrap is much stronger. Thus, you can use this packing supply to secure large items such as mattresses, furniture and more. The industrial plastic wrap functions to protect your items from undue damage that could come about due to exposure to moisture, dust, dirt and more. Additionally, the industrial plastic wrap would be great if you are putting your items into temporary storage, as your items would be protected. The industrial plastic wrap is especially convenient since it is capable of being moulded around any shape so that you can use it or items of varying shapes and sizes.


Labels are one of the packing supplies that would help in restoring your sanity during your move. Some homeowners may opt to write on the boxes, but this can be cumbersome. Instead of writing on the boxes as you pack, you should buy your labels before you even embark on your moving process. This approach gives you the chance to take some time and write down on all the labels you estimate you may require ranging from kitchen items, bathroom items, bedroom items and more. Once you start packing, all you would have to do is slap on some labels on each box as you go, making your packing process easier.

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