Two tips for a safe and simple house move

25 May 2017
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Moving house can be both mentally and physically challenging. If you're moving to a new home soon, here are a few tips which should ensure that this experience is safe, simple and stress-free.

Pack strategically to prevent back injuries

Even if you have hired a team of removalists for your house move, you will probably find yourself doing quite a bit of lifting and loading of boxes. As such, it's important to pack your boxes strategically, in order to reduce your chances of sustaining a back injury.

First and foremost, avoid overfilling your boxes with heavy items. Instead, distribute these belongings across multiple containers, making sure to mix them with lightweight goods, like cushions, curtains and bedding.

Secondly, don't be tempted to put a particularly heavy item on the top of a box filled with much lighter ones, as this type of weight distribution will increase the likelihood of the box toppling over whilst you're carrying it.

Last but not least, try to put your heaviest items into your smallest boxes, and your lightest into your biggest. This will eliminate the risk of any one box ending up so heavy that lifting it could cause an injury.

Pay attention to your pets

Both cats and dogs are creatures of habit; they thrive on routine and familiar surroundings. As such, the disruptions caused by the moving process may make them stressed and therefore more inclined to behave unpredictably. You may find that they become irritable, hyper or anxious. This could potentially lead to them snapping at your removalists, getting underfoot when you're trying to carry boxes out to the van, or even bolting out the front door and getting lost.

All of these issues will make for a very stressful moving experience. Given this, it's crucial to decide how you'll keep your pet safe and out of the way whilst you move your belongings out of your home. Ideally, you should either have a relative look after them or put them in a boarding kennel for the day.

However, if neither of these options appeals, the next best thing is to keep them locked in an empty room in your current home for the day. In addition to providing them with the essentials (such as bedding, clean water and food), leave them a few of their favourite toys; these will help to keep them occupied and happy until you are ready to bring them to your new home.