Tips to Ensure Safe and Damage-Free Furniture Moving

23 May 2017
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Moving heavy furniture items is a job that requires professional handling. However, if you have no choice but to do the job by yourself, then you should follow these tips to ensure safe and damage-free furniture moving

Disassemble furniture whenever you can

When many inexperienced DIYers are preparing to move heavy furniture, they often forget one golden rule: to dismantle the furniture whenever possible. Dismantling a furniture item makes the job of lifting and moving the entire assembly much easier, as the total weight of the load can be carried as separate parts. Disassembled parts can also pass through narrow doorways without much trouble, so you do not have to worry about scratching or denting your furniture if it rubs against the edges of the doorways. In case you do not have any past experience with disassembling a particular furniture item, you can always refer to the owner's manual.

Dismantling furniture before the day of the move so as to save time is a thoughtful move.

Wrap furniture to prevent potential damage

Some parts or sections of your furniture may be susceptible to damage if they are not properly protected before being moved. The feet, corners and edges of furniture items are among the most vulnerable parts. Wrapping a furniture item will help to prevent potential damage in case it brushes against anything while you're moving from one room to another. You can cover your furniture with almost anything, from pads to plastic wraps, cardboard, everyday towels and sheets. This will not only protect your furniture but the surfaces of your new house as well. 

You probably don't want to start budgeting for minor repair work here and there before you've even settled in the new home just in case a piece of furniture scratches a wall or door frame.

Slide furniture instead of lifting it

Lifting heavy furniture can be a back-breaking task, even when you've enlisted the help of a few friends. To prevent backaches that often result from lifting heavy items, it is advisable to slide heavy furniture instead of lifting it. Furniture sliders may prove to be highly useful tools on the day of the move. Thanks to their rubber surface, these smart tools will let you effortlessly slide your large and heavy furniture items across our hard-surface floors without causing any scratching or denting.

Simply position a slider beneath each leg or side of the item touching the floor and you will be able to move the heavy object safely and with relative ease.