Understanding the Conversion of Shipping Containers into Custom Storage Containers

18 May 2017
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One of the things that many people would like to know is: "Can a shipping container be used as a custom storage container?" The answer to this question is "YES IT CAN", as long as it is still in good structural condition, of course. Anybody who wants a shipping container converted into a custom storage container can take it to a custom container conversion facility where it can be modified to meet the exact project specifications. But why is the conversion necessary in the first place? The conversion is required because shipping containers are not built the same as storage containers.

Let's continue reading on to get ourselves acquainted with some of the notable differences between shipping containers and storage containers.

Shipping containers

Because shipping containers are subject to transport laws, they are built to meet the exact specifications of the law and they must conform to international standards. Specifications on the design of the containers may vary from country to country, as different countries may enact and enforce different kinds of laws. Whatever the case, shipping container must be certified before they can be used in the transport of freight. Typically, this means the containers must be of a specified dimension and they should be capable of carrying loads of the specified weight. Additionally, the containers must be strong enough to be stacked up high without getting damaged or causing damage to the cargo. 

As shipping containers come in standard designs that may not conform to the unique specifications of a customer who needs to use it for storage purposes, it will definitely need to be modified. 

Storage containers

Storage containers can always be used for storage, but cannot always be used for transport purposes. The strict specifications associated with shipping containers do not affect the construction of storage containers. Provided it is secure enough to perform the intended job, a storage container can be built to have any shape, dimension and size that the user desires. Storage containers can be made using a fresh supply of raw materials or can be made using used shipping containers. As a matter of fact, a good number of large storage containers being sold on the market are modified shipping containers. These containers are re-cut and refurbished to suit the specifications of the user, thus converting them into custom storage spaces. There is immense potential for adapting shipping containers into almost anything the customer wants for their storage. 

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