Plan before you move

15 May 2017
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Moving house or even office is a very tedious process. However, as tiring as it can be, it is very easy if you know how to go about it. The big mistake you must avoid is having the removal company at your home ready to start moving your stuff when you have not done a little preparation beforehand.

Most removal services will take care of the packing for you, but here are things you need to do before your stuff is packed into boxes and moved;


Do you have a lot of stuff hidden in some unused room in the house? It seems hard to just throw away that TV, despite it being beyond repair, probably because of its sentimental value. The harsh truth is that it does not serve you. However, don't go overboard with this and throw away that old doll your small daughter can't let go of. She might not forget easily.


It is important that you go through all the stuff and make decisions on what are the most important stuff that must be close by when moving. Keep these items separately in a bag. This will

ave you the trouble of having to rummage through boxes to find a flashlight or worse still, a towel when you are moving. Take stock of what items should go first into the moving truck, because they will come out last. The stuff that will need to come out first when you reach your destination has to be put into the truck last. It helps if you have your own precise labels ready so that as the items are loaded into the boxes you will know what each box has.


Once you have sorted your stuff you need to group them. For instance, you can have extension cords near the iron box and the kettle so that when unpacking it will be very easy to set up the new house. This way you will save a lot of time.

This sounds like a lot to do but it is quite easy because all you have done when following these steps is create a roadmap. When the removals company has sent its truck, all that will be done by the staff is to pack the stuff as you have planned and put it into the truck.

Removal services will have very experienced staff who can tell you how the packing should be done. If you had booked the removal earlier, you could even get some prior advice. This is why it is good to book a removal some weeks before moving.