When Doorways Hinder Your Move: How to Deal With Small Doorways During Your Move

12 May 2017
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Before you can move into a new home, you need to be prepared to jump (often awkwardly) through endless hoops of varying sizes. With so much to do and with time forever running out, it's easy to overlook one or two vital steps in the process. Moving furniture; especially with limited assistance, is challenging enough without the realization that your new home's doorways are too small to accommodate the larger items.

When you have become attached to your furniture, this can be an extremely frustrating problem to have to deal with. However, don't give up hope just yet. There are several ways that you might still be able to squeeze your beloved sofa through that narrow doorway.

Deal with the Door First

With narrow doorways, you need as much leverage as you can get. Removing the door then, should be your first action step for obvious reasons. If this still doesn't make enough room you could still remove the door frame. By removing the small nails that hold the door frame in place, you can remove it temporarily, giving yourself an extra inch or so to work with. Once you have squeezed the item of furniture through the doorway, you can then replace everything.

Remove as much as Possible from the Item of Furniture

This step should naturally follow the aforementioned step if you are still struggling to squeeze the item of furniture through the doorway. Remove legs, cushions, drawers, doors and anything else that can be conceivably unscrewed or removed with a screwdriver.

Work Your Angles

Sometimes, finding the right insertion point is simply a matter of getting your angles right. You might need to remove a door from an opposite doorway, or even a section of balustrade, but with the right tools it can be done.

However, when working with narrow hallways that don't afford you the room you need to turn, you will need to consider another method.

Use the Window

If all else fails and you have no intention of parting with your item of furniture, you may be able to use the window as an entry point. However, this method is dangerous and should not be attempted without the help of a professional team of movers. Not only will they have the experience, but they will also possess the necessary equipment as well as the manpower to get the job done. Yes, this will cost you, but at least your safety and comfort will be guaranteed.

Some moving companies will even disassemble pieces of furniture for you, for a price, before reassembling them once they have moved them into your new home. If in doubt, call a professional mover and ask for their advice. Even if you don't hire them to do the job for you, you might at least be the beneficiary of their experience and know-how regarding your issue. For more information, contact a furniture removal service.