4 Top Factors That Will Influence The Cost of Removal Service

27 January 2019
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Moving house is a very involving process that can get very overwhelming, very fast. Engaging the services of professional removalists will make a world of difference by ensuring that everything runs smoothly.  How much you pay for the invaluable services that removalists provide will depend on several factors as highlighted. 1. The Volume Of Your Belongings The bigger your move, the more you can expect to pay your removalists. The volume of your belongings will determine how many moving vehicles your removalists will need, which will, in turn, influence the final cost. Read More 

3 Tips To Remove Overwhelming Feelings When Moving House

5 December 2018
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Moving house is never a fun task, and it seems the older you get, the more possessions you acquire in your home. These possessions equate to a mountain of belongings which need to be carefully sorted and packed ready to be shifted to your next dwelling. As someone who has not had to move for the past decade, you are feeling overwhelmed about where to start with the moving process. Here are three tips to help reduce the overwhelming feelings you are experiencing, so that you can confidently tackle the task in front of you. Read More 

3 Things to Have in Mind When Preparing Your Caravan for Long-Term Storage

25 September 2018
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The summer weather is the perfect time for taking your family on a road or camping trip in your caravan. However, once the summer is over, you need to store the camper trailer away until the next family trip. Unlike other equipment which can be stored in your shed, a caravan requires special storage facilities, especially if it is to remain unused for months. That's why adequate preparation is necessary to ensure that it remains safe and in excellent condition while in storage. Read More 

Storing The Telly: Dos and Don’ts Of Packing Your TV For The Storage Shed

21 March 2018
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Putting your belongings into storage when you are between an old and new home takes careful planning. Specific items must be packed very carefully if you want to avoid damage to them while they are in the storage shed. The family television is one such item that you want to take special care with. A television is not an inexpensive item to replace, so now that you are ready to pack up your TV, follow these tips to ensure it comes out of the storage shed ready to entertain you once more. Read More 

Self Storage: The Best Way to Store Delicate Antique Furniture

12 February 2018
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Much like the items themselves, antique furniture storage can be an art form. In addition to the sentimental value, antique furniture items can also have a significant cash value. This is why the utmost of care is required in order to keep them safe during their time in storage. So what is the best way to store antique furniture at a furniture storage facility? Choosing a Storage Facility Particularly delicate items (namely furniture made from wood that can be sensitive to changes in the temperature) should be stored in a climate-controlled environment to ensure their longevity. Read More